The Center for Urban and Racial Equity partners with people and organizations to advance equity through policy, systems, institutional, community and societal change.

We do this through research and analysis, strategic planning and consulting, and training and educational strategies that address systemic barriers to equity and inclusion. We work locally and nationally and across sectors and issue areas to bring an equity lens to a diverse array of complex social, health and policy issues. In doing this work, we partner with organizations and leaders committed to tackling inequities stemming from racism and other forms of exclusion and marginalization that undergird racial and ethnic differences in education, employment, health, housing, political participation and other domains of life.

The path to equity is through deliberate, focused, and targeted strategies that produce systemic change. Dr. Judy Lubin

While addressing racial inequities is a core part of our mandate, the pursuit of equity necessitates an intersectional approach that recognizes the ways that sexism, classism, homophobia, nativism, and other forms of discrimination and oppression intersect with race to inhibit equitable outcomes and the full inclusion of all people. The persistence of racial inequities and emerging forms of racial exclusion including color-blind racism have heightened the need for a more explicit and deliberate focus on strategies at the organizational, institutional, community and societal levels to eliminate systemic biases that produce racial disparities. To this end, we design equity-centered initiatives, research, training and organizational change solutions for a diverse array of partners including government agencies and local, state and national organizations.

CURE takes pride in our ability to identify solutions, research issues, and develop and implement strategies that bring our clients closer to achieving their mission. We provide a full range of project management, program development, and technical assistance services. We bring fresh, analytical thinking to every engagement and provide a clear roadmap to move ideas and equity initiatives forward.