The Center for Urban and Racial Equity partners with people and organizations to advance equity through policy, systems, institutional, community and societal change.

We do this through research and analysis, strategic planning and consulting, and training and community engagement strategies that address systemic barriers to equity and inclusion. We work locally and nationally and across sectors and issue areas to bring an equity lens to a diverse array of complex social and policy issues. CURE partners with organizations and leaders committed to tackling long-standing inequities in health, criminal justice, housing, civic engagement and other domains of life.

We design and implement equity-centered initiatives, research, training and organizational change solutions for government agencies and local, state and national organizations.

Our integrated approach to equity is built on four key strategies to mobilize people, organizations and communities to create the change they want to see. To that end, we:

  • Build the Case for Change
    CURE helps organizations build the case for change through research that documents gaps and identifies opportunities for action
  • Foster Equity-Centered Organizations
    We create roadmaps for change through equity assessments, strategy development and implementation support
  • Facilitate Training & Learning 
    We design and facilitate training and learning programs that expand knowledge and build capacity to practice equity and inclusion at the individual, organizational and community levels
  • Catalyze Ideas into Action
    We design and manage equity and social change initiatives, engage and amplify the voices of underrepresented communities and evaluate programs for impact and insights that can inform future efforts

Across all of our services, we leverage inclusive and participatory methods and apply an intersectional racial equity lens by being mindful of the ways that class, gender and sexual identity, geography, and ability intersect in ways to create profound differences in life experiences and outcomes. We bring fresh, analytical thinking to every engagement and provide a clear roadmap to move ideas and equity initiatives forward.

Learn more about our vision and guiding principles for racial equity.