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About Us

The Center for Urban and Racial Equity partners with people and organizations to advance equity and justice through policy, systems, institutional, community and societal change.

We envision just neighborhoods, cities and systems where outcomes are no longer predicted by race, where Black and brown people and communities lead the change in creating the conditions for our health, safety, economic security and political power, and where governments and institutions align and act boldly to realize the shared promise of a society where we can all thrive.

CURE works locally and nationally and across sectors and issue areas to provide research, training, strategic planning, community engagement and consulting services that:

Transform Institutions and Organizations through collaborative learning and action, trainings, resource sharing, and organizational change processes that build capacity to dismantle institutional and structural racism and practice racial equity.

Promote Equitable Policies and Community Change that have the greatest potential for eliminating racial injustices in health, housing, urban planning and other systems in need of bold transformative change. 

Catalyze Research and Ideas for Action that center the leadership of and solutions from communities most closely impacted by decision-making processes.

Who We Work With

We prioritize our partnerships and client engagements with organizations, coalitions, philanthropy and government agencies that are committed to undoing systemic inequities; shifting power and organizational practices, programs, services and policy advocacy strategies; and that control and shape systems and services that directly impact the ability of Black and brown communities to realize their full power and live healthy lives.

We actively seek and welcome opportunities to work with partners focused on preventing gentrification and displacement, ensuring equitable development, creating and preserving affordable housing, advancing health equity, and protecting low-income residents’ right to the city. 

Our Values

We ground our work in the following values:

Racial Justice We lead with race, name and challenge anti-Blackness, and lift up intersectional racial equity as a value and practice necessary for creating the just future we all deserve. 

Collaboration We believe in equitable partnerships and strong relationships built on mutual care and respect, proactive and honest communication, responsiveness, and creativity and flexibility to respond to new and emerging opportunities to make racial equity possible. 

Community Care We value respect, intentionality, spaciousness, rest, and self- and community care as part of the work of advancing racial equity and justice.

Self-Determination We believe in people and community power and honor the strengths, wisdom and agency of systemically marginalized communities. 

Accountability We acknowledge our mistakes and opportunities to learn from them, honor shared timelines and goals, and support partners and communities in developing structures for promoting transparency, tracking progress and accountability.

Ongoing Learning and Knowledge Sharing Practicing racial equity and working for justice and liberation is a lifelong practice. We are committed to ongoing learning and knowledge sharing that builds the capacity to bring forth equity and justice among our team members, partners and communities that we serve.