Demands from Grassroots Organizers Concerning COVID-19

From Kelly Hayes at New Politics:

When reviewing the first list below, which includes demands that should be made of city and state government, you may find that your municipality has already covered some of these bases. In that case, share what information you learn with others, if it’s useful, and focus on the demands that have not been met in your area. When calling public officials, such as city councilors or your governor’s office, be sure to ask for specifics. “There’s a plan” is not a satisfactory answer.

When calling public health offices to request information, please be kind to the people you speak to. They are most likely doing their best with limited resources. We want to improve their situation by getting resources allocated where they belong so that providers can do their work.

Some demands may fit your community’s needs, others may not. One may jump out at you as your area of focus. To figure out what you should be demanding locally, you will want to find out if your city and state are in compliance with the following demands.

For more information and to review the list of demands:

Last updated byadmin on March 19, 2020