DMV Restaurant Worker Relief Fund

Restaurant workers are at the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Not only have so many of us been exposed to hundreds of people in the past few months of work, but now we are seeing the drastic cut in shifts, hours, the denial of paid sick leave,  full fledged layoffs and temporary restaurant closures. Restaurant workers often live pay check to paycheck and are not provided with benefits such as health insurance. Once restaurants start to close there is little cushion for workers to fall back upon. We know that many restaurants on their own will not go out of their way to pay workers for this loss of income, especially when it comes to restaurant closures, therefore we need to turn to each other for mutual aid and support with any resources we are able to share. We are the ones who have cooked for you, served you and cleaned up for you. Please consider giving back during this time of mass financial hardship. Any donation big or small will go a long way to support restaurant workers in the DMV.

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Last updated byAnonymous on April 1, 2020