Tegan and Sara Foundation: $20K in Funding for Rapid response to COVID-19

The Tegan and Sara Foundation remains committed to uplifting the LGBTQ+ community, especially as our current times have left queer people uniquely disadvantaged.

From the closing of queer small businesses, strained access to health services for LGBTQ+ people, to the inability for LGBTQ+ youth to attend school, our community is looking for ways to support, heal, gather and strengthen.

Our goal is to fund the projects meeting the immediate needs of those most affected, whether through making resources for the community available digitally, creating spaces online for art, positivity and conversation, and more.

We want to hear about small, and especially youth-led, initiatives that will impact their communities, and just need a little help. LGBTQ+ people need support and investment in their futures now more than ever. Tegan and Sara Foundation Community Grants can help to start meeting the needs of your community now.


  • Projects and initiatives meeting the needs of the LGBTQ+ community caused by COVID-19
  • Youth creators, activists and organizations
  • Small nonprofits
  • Projects that need starter funding to get off the ground
  • Initiatives that specifically benefit intersectionally marginalized groups including LGBTQ+ people of color, trans communities, rurally-based LGBTQ+ populations etc.


  • A small grant ranging between $500 – $2000, disbursed quickly to begin creating impact as soon as possible
  • Institutional knowledge, resources and guidance from the Tegan and Sara Foundation
  • A cohort of fellow grantees to expand your network and reach out to for support and community
  • Spotlight on your work via Tegan and Sara Foundation social media

Applications close on Wednesday, April 6, 2020 at 5pm PT.

For more information: To view the grant application requirements and FAQ: https://www.teganandsarafoundation.org/communitygrants

Last updated byadmin on March 27, 2020