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Elise Goldstein

Elise Goldstein

Elise F. Goldstein serves as Director, Partner Engagement and Operations at the Center for Urban and Racial Equity. A policy-wonk with a keen eye for detail and a passion for social justice, Elise has spent 15 years leveraging data and community-voice focused strategies to improve outcomes for communities.

Previously, Elise has served as the deputy director for Allies for Reaching Community Health Equity and Leadership for Healthy Communities, both programs led by the Center for Global Policy Solutions and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Through these programs, Elise led complex teams to develop, execute and evaluate strategies that would improve health, eliminate disparities, and elevate community power using policy, practice, systems and environmental change.

Elise also served as the independent evaluator for the CGPS and Kansas Health Foundation’s Community Engagement Initiative. Elise has worked as donor communications manager at a national animal protection organization, raising over $5 million annually and supporting the development and distribution of policy products to inspire and educate grassroots advocates. A planner at heart, Elise has provided leadership to multiple long-term strategic planning processes, with a focus on charting goal-based strategies that prioritize core organizational values.

Elise received her BA from Mary Washington College and her MPA from the George Washington University Trachtenburg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.