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Transform Institutions and Organizations

Creating the just futures that we all deserve requires that we reimagine and remake institutions and organizations to create the systems, policies, environments, and practices that foster and sustain equity. At CURE, we support transformation processes through racial equity audits and assessments and training and coaching of leaders and racial equity teams. We design and facilitate cohort programs and work in partnership with organizations to implement strategies that challenge the status quo and open new avenues for more just and equitable systems, organizations and communities.

CURE’s REOC Process

Implemented in nonprofit organizations and government agencies, CURE’s comprehensive and systemic Racial Equity Organizational Change (REOC) process supports the work of building racially equitable and anti-racist institutions and organizations. CURE’s REOC Framework aligns internal and external practices and builds knowledge and capacity for operationalizing racial equity across an entire organization. The REOC process is based on four key competency areas including:

  • Organizational Culture and Commitment to Racial Equity
  • Shared Language and Analysis
  • Equitable Policies and Practices
  • Empowered People

The REOC process requires a minimum 9-month commitment and includes a comprehensive racial equity organizational assessment, working group trainings and workshops, and strategic planning support services designed to strengthen and embed racial equity across an organization through these four key areas. Please see below for more about the REOC and related organizational change services and resources.

Understanding Institutional and Structural Racism Workshop

Cohort Program

Charting the Journey: Strategies to Guide Racial Equity Organizational Change

Leading Racial Equity Organizational Change: Advanced Training for Racial Equity Practitioners

Racial Equity Training

Racial Equity Organizational Change Services

Talent Justice Report and Toolkit

Racial Equity Organizational Change Strategic Planning Tip Sheet