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Judy Lubin Attends White House Health Reform Meeting

PSC President Judy Lubin attended a White House health reform meeting on Wednesday, August 26th. Led by administration officials, the meeting focused on how to engage young adults in the current health reform debate.

An August 2009 CNN/Opinion Research Poll found that young people are more likely to support President Obama’s health insurance reform plan. However, as the poll results indicate, those that oppose the plan are more likely to attend a town hall to voice their opposition.

During the meeting, Lubin advised administration officials to consider reframing the discussion, especially for young adults, by making more of an emotional appeal and emphasizing the moral imperative inherent in denying millions of Americans access to health care solely based on their inability to pay. Young people have a strong desire for equality and social change. The same ideals of change, hope and opportunity that resonated with young adults during Obama’s campaign should be used to rally them around health insurance reform, Lubin said.

One in three young adults is uninsured. While primarily framed as an issue of concern for older Americans, health insurance reform will help lower costs, provider greater choice and improve quality and affordability for both young and older Americans.

For many young adults, the cost of health insurance is simply too expensive. Young adults are often between jobs, in school, or hold part-time or temporary jobs that do not provide health care coverage. Under the White House’s plan, children and young adults would continue to be eligible for family coverage through the age of 26. This would allow young adults to remain on their parents’ health insurance policy until they are more established in their careers and more likely to receive coverage as an employment benefit.

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women and Heart Disease

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is a  national patient advocacy organization founded in 1999. PSC’s president, Judy Lubin, was instrumental in the rebranding of the organization, including the production of new business materials, the organization’s first brand guide, new website and corporate video.

Lubin also managed WomenHeart’s annual Wenger Awards Dinner held at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. The event was a high-profile public relations event attended by representatives from government, corporate, nonprofit and media organizations. It featured a video message from First Lady Laura Bush. Honorees included nationally recognized women’s heart health experts and advocates including the Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the editor-in chief of Woman’s Day magazine. PSC also served as media contact for the organization, monitored internal and external communications, developed corporate partnerships and provided strategic guidance and support to WomenHeart’s overall communications strategy.

Health Reform: An Opportunity to Address Health Inequalities

In her latest Leading Voices blog, PSC president Judy Lubin, MPH, discusses  the opportunity to reduce health disparities through comprehensive health reform.

She notes “Since as far back as 1899, W.E.B. Du Bois documented racial health disparities and their link to poverty and discrimination. Today, we have made few advances in addressing what Martin Luther King, Jr, called the “most shocking and inhumane” of all forms of inequality.”

“Access to a primary care doctor and screenings to prevent or catch health conditions before they worsen is a critical part of reducing these disparities,” she adds.

PSC has worked extensively in the area of health disparities, working with national health and policy organizations to improve the health of women and people of color.

Read the entire blog post.

Top 100 Healthy Living Book

PSC President, Judy Lubin, The Heart of Living Well: Six Principles for a Life of Health, Beauty, and Balance makes’s Top 100 Healthy Living Books for November, 2007.

PSC President, Judy Lubin, Receives Cheerios Sisters Saving Hearts Award

PSC President, Judy Lubin, receives Cheerios Sisters Saving Hearts Award from General Mills for her efforts to reduce the impact of heart disease among black women. through her Heart and Style initiative, founded in 2005. A $5000 community grant will be donated to Judy’s charity of choice–The Black Women’s Health Imperative. The grant will support the organization’s wellness programs.

The May 15th program was moderated by Dr. Ian Smith of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Four other women also received a 2007 Sisters Saving Hearts Award.