Can't get a test for COVID-19?

From Heroes 4 Healthcare and Center for Popular Democracy:

Do you have symptoms of COVID-19 and can’t get a test? We want to hear from YOU (people living in the United States only please).

We are gathering this data for a week of action to demand tests. Public health starts with us knowing if we are sick.

We are Heroes 4 Healthcare and the Center for Popular Democracy ( and we have worked on a range of healthcare campaigns including to save the Affordable Care Act, to end the opioid epidemic and to reduce the high cost of prescriptions drugs. Please do not share information in this form that you want to keep confidential. We are organizers and we want to get as many people together (even if it’s virtually) as possible who can show how damn hard it is in this country to get a test for this deadly virus.

For more information: Click here to access the Google form.

Last updated byadmin on March 19, 2020