Caring Across Distance: Some Things to Consider Before Movement Gatherings During COVID-19

From: Maryse Mitchell-Brody

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Hear some of these considerations talked through on Healing Justice Podcast’s bonus episode, “Should we cancel?” Coronavirus, travel & organizing? Listen & access the transcript and other resources at, and consider sharing these resources with your team so you can make grounded decisions together.

If you’ve found your way here, you might be trying to figure whether or not you should cancel an upcoming gathering, conference, party, or other in-person event. [Here’s what’s covered in the article]:

  1. Some Things That Are True About COVID-19 and Its Context
  2. Some Things to Take Into Consideration About Gatherings & COVID-19
  3. Some Alternatives to In-Person Events
  4. Even More Things That We Know About COVID-19 (Risks + Rates + Links)

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Last updated byadmin on March 19, 2020