One Fair Wage: Emergency Fund for Tipped and Service Workers

Are you a service worker struggling amidst the coronavirus crisis?

Tipped workers and other service workers were already struggling. Because the federal tipped minimum wage is *still* just $2.13/hour, we’re trying to raise $213,000 to give no-strings-attached cash assistance to tipped restaurant workers, delivery drivers, personal service workers and others affected by coronavirus and the economic downturn.

Under federal law, tipped workers can be paid a sub-minimum wage. Tips are supposed to make up the difference, but they often don’t. And because of a policy that’s literally a holdover from the slavery era, our nations’ largest workforce of women of color work hard all day for pocket change. In addition, Uber/Lyft and InstaCart/DoorDash workers are struggling with precarious tipped situations as well. Which means when a crisis hits, and tips disappear, they’ve got nothing.

For more information and to apply for financial assistance:

Last updated byadmin on March 25, 2020