NAACP: Ten Equity Implications of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak in the United States

The NAACP released a guide to help officials responsible for addressing health, economic, and other impacts, in remediating some of the issues that are disproportionately affecting communities of color.

From NAACP: 

A widely impactful public health crisis is upon us. The tentacles of its impact are many and pervasive,
from social, to economic, to environmental implications. As a civil rights organization and as stewards
of human rights, this outbreak calls on us to maintain vigilance and lift our voices to demand the
policies and practices that will preserve the wellbeing of all.

Already we’ve seen many equity and justice challenges that must be addressed before they worsen and cause further damage. We must recognize and stand up against racial/ethnic discrimination and stereotyping. Our federal, state and local governments must ensure necessary policies and practices are in place, so that needed information, training, resources, and care are available equitably and reach
all people in all communities. As we think about the upcoming Census and elections, the novel coronavirus pandemic underscores the ongoing need to push for affordable, quality health care coverage; a well-trained, diverse health care and medical research workforce; and accessible sources of care (hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers) for all.

Specific advocacy recommendations in response to the ten identified equity implications listed below can be found in the NAACP’s guide:

I. Racism/xenophobia/stigma
II. Vulnerable Populations
III. Workers’ Rights
IV. Democracy
V. Toxic Cleaning Materials
VI. Schools (Exposure as well as Education, Meal, and Housing Interruption)
VII. Testing and Treatment Access
VIII. Quarantine Policies and Practices
IX. Restrictive Immigration Policies and Practices
X. Denial and Misinformation Impacts

For more information: To review the full guide, click here to access the PDF document.

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