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Talent Justice Webinar Recording and Recap

Last month, CURE’s Dr. Lubin joined other experts to discuss who can afford to work in the social sector, where accountability lies for equitable staff compensation and just treatment in the mission-driven workplace, and how can we better align our values with our practices. The webinar was hosted by Possibility Project.

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Featured Guest:

Shari Dunn, CEO and Principal of ITBOM, LLC

Rusty Stahl, Founder, CEO, and President of Fund the People

Judy Lubin, PhD, MPH and President of Center for Urban and Racial Equity

TAKEAWAYS – What can WE rewrite, reimagine and how can we share power!?


  • There is insufficient investment in early and mid-career professionals.
  • The wait-and-see practice in times of transition when someone new comes into the organization is very harmful.
  • We don’t get to talent justice without a racial equity lens.
  • Power hoarding and the expectation of non-stop work is driven by funding cycles and the desire for more revenue.
  • Whitewashing and silencing of voices occur in the rush to “show impact”.
  • Pathways to advancement are unclear for staff from marginalized populations.

What is emerging?

  • Recognizing oppression and putting liberation work into practice
  • Do deep internal work of transformation and embodiment
  • We need to provide trauma-informed care and support internally
  • Seeing the change in trust-based philanthropy, with shifts in giving, investments in Black-led organizations
  • Exploding overhead myth
  • More space for innovation and creativity
  • BIPOC staff are moving into their full power
  • Resource new organizations/grassroots-led organizations to WORK WITH established institutions
  • Move from model-based of exploitation of nonprofit workers to one of celebrating and utilizing diversity, energy, and power that is yet unrecognized