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Webinar: Expanding Our Definition of Services: Racial Justice Advocacy from Service Providers Facilitated by the Center for Urban and Racial Equity

In this webinar, participants will be supported in broadening their understanding of “services” to parents and families currently impacted by the family regulation system (also known as the child welfare system). While the archetype of a service provider in the child welfare system is typically, a social worker who uses case management to get families state-sponsored health and housing services, in order to disrupt racist policies and practices, we must think more broadly about what services to families can and should mean. During this webinar, current and former service providers to families in the family regulation system will offer perspectives on how to advocate for families from the vantage point of racial justice. Webinar participants will learn about connecting families to legal/policy advocacy, prioritizing the rights of families during services, and/or movement building with families. Register at